Merging technologies

SharePoint & ServiceNow integration

We can help with the integration between SharePoint online\ onpremises and ServiceNow in order to automate site creation, user permissions assignment and any future action that needs to be automated related to SharePoint or O365.

In ServiceNow we can orchestrate the process to request site, fill in the needed metadata and trigger the script execution.

SharePoint online\ onpremises and ServiceNow integration explained

Adding self-service capabilities to your company

ServiceNow platform is a complement to the O365 offering, adding functionality for service model and enabling self service. ServiceNow has service management offerings for IT department, human resources, security, customer service, software development, facilities, field service, marketing, finance and legal enterprise needs. It mainly offers the possibility of a ticketing service with extendable module and integrations.

ServiceNow platform allows requesting and performing actions in O365 beyond actual permissions, transforming it in command center.

The integration of the two products consists in:

Security assessment

  • Accounts that need to be used for script execution

  • Network communication flow and requirements

Preparation of the MID server with the required PowerShell modules

  • SharePoint Online

  • PNP PowerShell Module

  • Azure AD module

Development of the SharePoint scripts

  • Custom made scripts to simplify your tasks

  • Optimizations to existing work patterns

ServiceNow Orchestration (example)

Optimized workflow in detail

  • A user is accessing Service Now and requests a new site. A notification is sent to a specific department that validates the requests.

  • The next action consists of filling the needed metadata by an administrator and trigger the execution of the script for the test environment. Once the site creation is validated, it can be launched for execution in production